What “Does Down The Mountain” Mean?

Stepping off into the outdoors has always been a profound experience for me; it’s energizing and liberating. It’s as if by stepping into the forest, the shackles of every day obligations are removed and I am left truly free to wonder and explore,  both literally and emotionally. It is in this medium that I can look inward and reflect on the voices inside me, considering the past and the future while focusing on the moment to connect dots and make intellectual breakthroughs that can’t happen when my mind is distracted and cluttered with disparate thoughts and emotions.

For me, these excursions into the outside world are recreational and of limited duration. Immediately afterward, I return to the pace and pressure of normal existence. But I’ve come to appreciate the clarity and self-awareness that these short trips impart, leaving me armed with insights and understanding that better equip me to face my challenges.

Coming down the mountain describes this enlightened state as we re-enter our normal routine after a period of reflection- recharged, inspired, and empowered to apply what we have learned.

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