I love to connect with people- it’s extremely energizing and uplifting to create an opportunity to assist others and share experiences. I’d be willing to bet that most of us maintain a handful of extremely strong associations at the nucleus of our network, people with whom we can be absolutely vulnerable.

I had the great fortune to enter 2018 with some of the greatest men I’ve ever known. We served together on a Special Forces team for several years, amassing unique experiences that created a profound bond. I am able to generate significant strength purely by reflecting on the existence of this core group, knowing that no matter how murky or confusing the world may become, I always have capable and selfless people in my corner to look after me.

I don’t believe I can overstate the importance of developing and maintaining such powerful connections with a few other souls for my own emotional well being and sense of self.

Learning About Leadership as a Community

I don’t profess to be a leadership expert. I would argue that no one is, though many claim to be. The free advice available on social media and elsewhere online is overwhelming.

There is no magic formula or neat, bulleted list that will make you an effective leader or manager. Successful leadership is a lifelong process of education, observation, experimentation, and reflection.

There are a dizzying amount of factors that must be considered in crafting a leadership style or approach in any particular moment: the world is a dynamic environment with constantly shifting conditions; no two teams are alike and every person responds to stimulation differently; the desired objective and available resources (including time)…

Yet, an unwillingness to share leadership experiences or perspectives is also unhelpful, as it prevents others from learning from our own practice. It is in this spirit that I’d like to share my own experience leading teams and managing projects. I’ve had the good fortune to work with some incredibly accomplished and high performing teams. I’ve also been exposed to some mighty leaders and managers. I spend a significant amount of time studying leadership and reflecting on management logic.

Therefore, I offer my point of view in the hopes that it may help others consider leadership, grow, and succeed. I would love to see this blog blossom into a community of management practitioners and leaders who freely exchange experiences, techniques, methods, and ideas to empower us all.

To that end, I invite and encourage you to contribute and share widely.